Whitening mistakes will make you self-destructive

One white cover three ugly, which beauty does not envy white and delicate skin? Do you also spend a lot of energy and energy to whiten your skin, but the benefits are minimal? Skin whitening is not a one-off thing. It requires a lot of skin care methods. From external care to internal body care, only the interlocking can keep the skin white. But the beauty that people need to pay attention to is that there are many misunderstandings. If you mistakenly enter it, you can not only restore your skin to whiteness, or even destroy your skin.

Whitening mistakes will make you self-destructive

Misunderstanding 1: DIY whitening mask is available to all mortals

Nowadays, there are many DIY whitening mask formulas on the Internet, such as yogurt, egg white, lemon, etc. Many people claim to be effective, and the beauty and beauty who wants to save money will like to use it on their own body, but they don’t know their own. The skin is completely different from others, and the whitening is not successful. Instead, there are more problems. For example, the yoghurt mask is not suitable for people with oily skin. If the nutrition is too strong, the acne will be more active, and the person with dry skin is not suitable for using the egg whitening method, which will only make the skin more and more dry.

DIY whitening mask is not bad, but the premise is to choose the right material according to your skin type, so that you will not get the opposite effect.

Myth 2: Exfoliating skin will definitely get better

It is undeniable that exfoliation can reduce the burden on the skin, allow the skin to better absorb the skin care products, and speed up the metabolism, thus making the skin look fresher and more translucent. However, exfoliation should be moderate. Some people think that exfoliation is more, there will not be so many dead skin accumulation on the skin, the skin can be better, and the exfoliation is more than twice a week, but it does not know that this will make the skin become Fragile, losing the ability to lock in water and resisting external damage, it is more likely to be injured and blackened.

In fact, it is enough to exfoliate once or twice a week. If daily skin care products contain salicylic acid and enzymes that help exfoliate, the frequency of exfoliation should be appropriately reduced.

Whitening mistakes will make you self-destructive

Myth #3: A whitening product has been around for a lifetime

I used some whitening products when I was young, and the effect is very good. I plan to do this all my life, so as not to worry about what to change every year. Regardless of whether this product is suitable for people of any age, the long-term use of the skin to produce resistance to the product is enough to make the whitening effect greatly reduced.

Many women may need to apply a mask or apply a lotion to make the skin come back quickly, but as the age increases, the skin will gradually age, the metabolism will slow down, and the work pressure will increase. The mask and lotion are completely incapable of whitening the skin. At this time, you should choose targeted products such as intensive whitening essence, cosmeceuticals, whitening products with anti-oxidant and anti-aging ingredients, and also pay attention to Moisturizing, combined with massage techniques, accelerates the metabolism of the skin, in order to achieve a better whitening effect.

Myth 4: No sun at night, no sun protection

The sun is shining during the day, and the ultraviolet rays are very much. At this time, we should pay attention to sunscreen whitening. I believe everyone knows this, but many people will ignore the sunscreen at night.

Also need sun protection at night? Of course, don't think that there is no ultraviolet light when there is no sunlight at night, because the sunlight is affected by the refraction of the atmosphere. At night, there will still be a trace of ultraviolet rays scattered in the air. Although it is trace amount, it will cause melanin precipitation on the skin. Ladies who have a persistent pursuit of whitening, don't forget to go out at night, it is best to apply sunscreen or left isolation measures.

Beauty, want to keep the skin white and delicate, in addition to stay away from the whitening mistakes, but also pay attention to the skin care, the most important thing is to do a good job of sun protection, so as not to damage the skin caused by UV damage.

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