Advertising Machine Technology Service - Huibaimei (HBM brand)

※Pre-sales technical support

Huibaimei Information Technology Co., Ltd. will help users make suitable choices in the system construction from the technical point of view before selling. According to the technical data provided by the users of the technology products, the application of the technology products, solutions and cases for the users is displayed in detail, allowing the customers to understand our products more deeply and vividly.

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※Sale technical support

Sales provide users with the most optimal product or solution. Including technical advice for market sales staff and users; understanding user needs and providing users with complete solutions. In addition, it provides complete professional technical support and services such as requirements analysis, system design, equipment selection, software development, system integration and maintenance.

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※Technical after services

Huibaimei Information Technology Co., Ltd. will provide you with efficient after-sales service, mainly to more quickly and quickly solve the user's various technical problems in the application of products or solutions to ensure that the user's system continuous, stable and efficient operation; Maximize the user's quality of use and provide users with system expansion and upgrade services in a timely manner

National Warranty:

National Warranty Customer Service Center

Free after sale

Warranty Service Warranty Warranty

Failure repair - fault identification - determine the repair cycle - maintenance testing - delivery customers - telephone callback

Within three months from the date of sale of the product, if a performance failure occurs, the product body and packaging must be kept intact, and the same type of product can be replaced.
The product provides one year free warranty.
The product service is provided for repair.
LCD free warranty within one year, power and circuit board three years free warranty

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Warranty Statement ● Our company only assumes the warranty responsibility for original parts and boards at the time of shipment, and the mechanical failures caused by any components or boards installed by users or dealers will not be covered by the warranty.
● During the warranty period, if conditions are necessary, our company will have the right to use the same brand or different brands of the same type of parts whose performance is not lower than the original parts. All the parts for maintenance and replacement shall belong to our company.
● After the warranty period expires, Huibaimei will provide users with paid repair service for advertising machines.
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