Online shopping furniture is famous for many traps

In recent years, online shopping furniture has become an important way for consumers to dress up their new homes. Online shopping furniture is not only cheap but also convenient. However, the poor quality, long cycle, high freight, and after-sales of online shopping furniture have also caused many consumers to worry.

Online shopping furniture additional charges

For consumers of online shopping furniture, in addition to worrying about the quality of furniture, they are also dissatisfied with the additional costs. According to Ms. Long, a home consultant of Kunming Yimeiju, as long as the furniture purchased at Yimeiju is free shipping within the third ring of Kunming, it can be sent free of charge in places close to the Third Ring. Goods, but the delivery time can not be determined, only the furniture can be delivered when the way. In places farther away from the Third Ring Road, consumers are required to pay their own tolls.

Although the price of many furniture in the online store is much cheaper than that in the furniture city, it has to charge a lot of additional fees. The reporter asked several online shop staff in the online store. The shipping and installation fees they say are different. Some buyers do not need shipping and installation fees, and some shipping costs need 230 yuan.

In addition, most sellers are not responsible for delivering furniture to their homes. “If you send the furniture to your home, you will need to pay extra fees.” The seller of the official flagship store of Qumei Furniture Online said that if there is an elevator when the home is delivered, there is no charge. If there is no elevator, it will cost 40 yuan.

Whether to return or exchange for free, you need to ask clearly

Consumers pay attention to quality issues when purchasing goods. Relatively speaking, formal furniture cities are more formal in terms of quality assurance. So for online stores, how do they guarantee the quality of the products they sell?

The reporter learned through the exchanges with the staff members of the official flagship store of Qumei Furniture and the official flagship store of the Dynasty Furniture in Tmall. They are within one year of warranty. If quality problems occur, they can be returned, but if they are due to customers. The reason for the return, the customer must bear the cost of installation of the goods, round-trip transportation costs and re-packaging costs, of which the freight rate refers to the cost standard of the city moving company, the packaging fee is calculated according to 3% of the purchase price; if due to the company's reasons The customer is not responsible for the return.

Regarding the issue of quality assurance, Mr. Zhang, a home consultant of Yimeiju, said that their products are guaranteed for one year and maintained for life. During the warranty period, you can repair it for free three times. If the repair is not good three times, you can return it for free.

The price of buying furniture online has an advantage and attracts many consumers. However, because the online shopping furniture can see the beautiful renderings, but also can not touch, can not smell, there are many shopping risks. In addition, the quality of online shopping products is also difficult to guarantee. So consumers should choose carefully when buying furniture for their new home.

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