How to reduce the cost of gravure ink

The printing manufacturer's control over the cost of gravure printing inks is the best way to create profits. Of course, this must be based on satisfying customers' requirements for printing products. Reducing costs and gaining profits are prerequisites for the survival of companies and development. Therefore, there are two ways to reduce the cost of gravure ink printing. One is to reduce the cost of use, and the other is to reduce the cost of ink purchases. Here, we mainly discuss how to reduce the cost of gravure printing inks. Reducing costs and maximizing profit are prerequisites for the survival and development of a company. Packaging and printing plants are no exception. Although ink accounts for only 15% of the printing cost (paper accounts for 45%), we understand that the printing factory has never given up its efforts to reduce the cost of ink. Packaging printers prefer ink suppliers to provide the best price/performance ratio to meet the requirements. Ink products.

1) Improve ink coloring. Several printing companies interviewed hoped that the ink production plant would improve the coloration of the ink, and hoped to print more jobs with a fixed amount of ink or use a minimum amount of ink for a fixed number of jobs to reduce printing costs. However, the amount of ink is closely related to the colorability of the ink. In the case of a certain amount of ink, the higher the ink colorability, the more jobs printed and the greater the profit.

2) Reducing the Use of Additives or Using Supporting Auxiliaries On the one hand, printing companies hope that the inks used can be directly used during printing, and no need to add or little additives, only the solvent is needed to adjust the viscosity of the ink. Adding auxiliaries will increase the printing cost, increase the preparation time before printing, waste labor, and will also affect the stability of ink properties, and will also cause troubles for post-press processing. On the other hand, the additives are required to have a certain degree of specificity. The additives must be matched with the ink, the effect is obvious, and the use is convenient. Many inks that have not been used up yet have added auxiliary agents can not be used any longer, resulting in waste. Therefore, the printing plant hopes to use the ink after it is stored for 1-2 months and can be used after simple processing to reduce the waste of ink and save the cost. This requires the ink manufacturer to solve the problem that ink cannot be used continuously after deployment. .

3) Improving the adaptability of inks to high-speed printing Now, the speed of domestic gravure printing machines is generally around 150 meters/minute. The increase in the speed of printing presses will reduce the operating costs of printing plants and increase the efficiency. Therefore, the printing manufacturers hope to be able to adapt to the printing speed of 300 m / min or even higher printing speed of plastic gravure ink can be available soon.

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